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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Wanting more of a dramatic lash look? Russian Volume lashes are the way to go.

Using super fine silk lashes, a fan of 2, 3, 4 or 5 lashes is created and carefully adhered to a natural lash. 

Choose between a Natural, Full or Glam set depending on your desired look. Various curl options are available.

To maintain your extensions, we recommend an infill appointment once every two weeks. 

Brow Shaping

To begin, we precisely measure your brows against specific points of the eyes and nose and draw a template showing the individual shape suited to your face. From there, your brows are waxed and tweezed to perfection. 

Optional soothing lotion, concealer or pencil is available to finish the treatment.

To maintain a clean and tidy brow, we recommend regular appointments every 4-8 weeks. Time will vary depending on individual hair growth. 

Brow and Eyelash Tinting

Fair-haired and fed up of the daily mascara or pencil routine? Tinting is your answer! 

By mixing together various colour tints, your brows and lashes can be darkened to your liking. 

Both can be added to a brow shaping appointment, or all three can be booked under our Lash and Brow Combo.

To maintain tint colour, we recommend booking regular appointments. A brow tint will usually last up to three weeks, lash tints 4-5 weeks. 

Body Waxing

All wax treatments at Envie Cosmetics cater to specific skin types and areas being treated. 

We use both hot wax and strip wax to ensure the treatment is carried out efficiently and as pain free as possible! 

Depending on your individual hair growth and area of the body, we recommend booking follow up appointments 4-8 weeks apart.  


Classic Eyelash Extensions

High quality silk lashes are adhered individually to natural lashes using a ratio of 1:1.

You have the choice of a Natural a Full or a Glam set depending on your desired look. A variety of thicknesses and curls are available.

Classic lashes are perfect for everyday wear. Throw away that mascara, ladies!

To maintain your extensions, we recommend an infill appointment once every two weeks. 

Yumi Lash Lift

We work with what you've got! The ideal lash treatment for somebody who has straight, and naturally long lashes. 

The treatment will lift your lashes from the root and give them a gentle curl making them visible. A tint can be added for those who need it.

The lift will last anywhere between 8-12 weeks. 

Mascara can be applied to lashes as normal.